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Advanced Tumbling Clinic: Coaching Tucks, Layouts & Twisting

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This 1+ hour presentation contains Coach Sahil's most effective drills & training systems to help coaches teach Back Tucks, Layouts and Twisting techniques to their athletes while minimizing injury, wasted time and improving confidence.

Here's what we cover:

✅ The 3 steps guaranteed to increase confidence & rotation in Back Tucks

✅ Understanding the rotation speed & differences between flipping skills

✅ 10 of the BEST Back Tuck drills for coaches to use

✅ 5 of the MOST common problems with Back Tucks & how to fix them

✅ 9 of the BEST Layout drills & how to prepare athletes for twisting

✅ 12 of the BEST Twisting drills to ensure athletes never get "lost" & learn quickly!

...And so much more!

Reviews From Clinic Attendees: 

"This clinic was massively informative and very well set up. One of the biggest takeaways was how to fix the toe drive in tuck which is something we have not focused enough on" - Gareth B.

"Loved how the clinic was informative and straight to the point with no fluff! The progression concepts from layouts all the way to twisting just makes so much sense that I couldn't believe I wasn't doing it this way before. Game changer!" - Meghan R.

"I've been coaching tumbling for many years and your clinic was still able to give me new ideas and techniques to try while reminding me to go back to some of the things I was already doing with my athletes, but had forgotten about due to always trying to change things up. This was very much needed!" - Jordan C.

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Advanced Tumbling Clinic: Coaching Tucks, Layouts & Twisting

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